Graphics and Design for Film and Television


I started over 10 years ago in doing for graphics for the Lifetime original series "Army Wives," years later, that's still my specialty. I've done everything from vehicle wraps, skins, newspapers, book covers, book inserts, props, packaging, banners, posters, lightboxes, signs, patches, embroidery, and just about anything else you can think of. The exciting thing about doing graphics for Film and Television is that you get to touch on almost every aspect and type of location in our world, so every day is different. I'm always learning and doing news things.

Set Design

although I've been around set design for quite a while, I haven't had much experience with it. I'm excited to learn and do more. I did assistant art direction for the Netflix film "Naked" and got to design some interesting set pieces, such as a Bell tower, an Elevator with modular parts. On all my shows since then, I've been able to contribute to set design, expecially graphic heavy sets, such as the electronic store in Mr. Mercedes

  • Sketchup & Layout
  • Illustrator with Cad Tools
  • Renderings using V-Ray and composited Photoshop

Backing Photography

I've been shooting backings since 2010, for numberous shows, including, Army Wives, Revolution, Homeland, The Conjuring, Vice Principals, Reckless, Six, Mr. Mercedes and several others. Shooting original backings allows the production match the location's BG much better and also affords creative opportunities to change the season, look or add other details to the background.

  1. Shot using a Nodal Point Camera Mount
  2. Experienced with manipulation to get just the right look


As I come from a background that includes motion design so I have lots of experience in creating animations in AE, Flash, Director and others. I've created interactive screens for televisions, computers, iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets and more. I have a knowledge of Actionscript, Javascript, and some limited Java

  1. Video and animation
  2. Interactive programs


As of 2015 I've been experimenting more with digital painting and I've gotten some good results. Suitable for fictional portraits, renderings, drawings, paintings, tattoos, murals, sketches and other applications.

  1. Digital Artwork and painting
  2. Pencil and physical sketches

About me

I've been doing graphics for film and television for 10 years now and I've learned quite a bit throughout. I've learned how to schedule, manage time, anticipate tasks and estimate how long tasks will take. Film and Television is all about finding the sweet spot of quality for each assignment and producing the best possible output for each while not being wasteful overdeveloping pieces that aren't important to the story or scene. It's about juggling the wants and needs of multiple departments so everyone stays happy until the very end of the production. It can be challenging, but that's what keeps it interesting.
I've developed a very broad skill set in very many programs and for very many graphic needs. I'm proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, Layout, After Effects, 3D Max, Animate, Director and much more.



Graphics 100%
Set Design 60%
Backing Photography 75%
Video & Playback Design 85%
Illustration 35%

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