Fictional Book Covers

Here are an assortment of Fictional Book covers I made for various shows. Some were Props, Some were background for Set Dec.


Mr. Friendly’s Frosteeez

For Mr Mercedes we had to design a creepy ice cream truck for one of our characters. I got to design a mascot and layout all the different brands and types of ice cream, many of which were real, some were original.

Supreme Electronix – Mr Mercedes

For Mr. Mercedes we had to create and dress an entire electronics store, complete with branding, signage, a Geek Squad-esque brand of IT people. Etc…


Revolution Backings

Here are a number of backings that I shot for Revolution, One of which I flew to Philadelphia for. While I was there I shot loads of other photographs that came in handy for various VFX plates later in the season.

Homeland Backings

Here are a couple of backings I did for Season 2 of Homeland. We originally shot 4 day/night backings, with an additional 2 day backings as pictured in the gallery below. These were interesting in that we wanted a shot of the capital building, but this was a close as we could get and still be high up.

Revolution Propaganda Posters

Here’s a series of propaganda posters we did for the capital of the Monroe Republic in Revolution.

Also included are Georgia Republic posters and resistance posters as well.


Vehicles Skins – Assorted

Here’s a bunch of vehicle skins that I made for various shows. There are loads more, but there are some interesting ones in here.

Six Backing

Here’s a cool backing shot for the Navy Seal Command Center in Virginia. Front-lit, backing vinyl. The gallery shows the original photo and one with fake leaves added to make it look more summery.

Digital Painting Portraits

An assortment of caricatures and digital paintings of some strangers online. All done with tablet and Photoshop.