Digital Painting Portraits

An assortment of caricatures and digital paintings of some strangers online. All done with tablet and Photoshop.



The Mysterious Island Map

Here was a piece I was particularly proud of. A map design that I pitched for “The Mysterious Island” wherein three different maps were combined to make one single map. It was my idea to have all three maps use the compass rose as the fulcrum and then the strokes and letters would align to form one single map. It ended up being featured heavily, and even made the trailer and credits!

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 T-Shirt

A T-shirt I designed for season 2 of Sleepy Hollow as wrap gifts. Features the main characters surrounded by many of the villains from throughout the season.


Piper Brothers Tattoo

A Tattoo I did for the film Sex Tape wherein the Cocaine-addled head of a toy company (played by Rob Lowe) reveals his not-so-family-friendly secrets. Digitally drawn.


Book of Enoch Pages

The mystical sword that can defeat Moloch is described in the book of Enoch, depicted with flames emerging.

Adoption Center Mural

Here’s the progression from sketch to finished work for a whimsical mural for an adoption center waiting room.Digitally painted in Photoshop.

Books, Worlds of Wonder

An inspirational painting we did for David’s room in Season 5 of Army Wives. It was a digital painting based on a  rough reference sketch by Matthew Jacobs.

Youth Activity Center Mural

A mural I did for the Youth Activity Center on Army Wives Season 6. I did it in a bit of a Art Nuveaux style to make things colorful and interesting. The rough sketch was done by hand, the layout was done in Photoshop, and the artwork was done in Illustrator.

Sabertooth Biker Gang Patch

Here’s a cool patch I drew for the “Saber-tooth gang” that the hero of “Naked” runs into over and over again. Here’s a small step-by-step process gallery. Starting from the loose mockup that was given to me to start with, to the rough sketch, to the final output artwork.