Fictional Book Covers

Here are an assortment of Fictional Book covers I made for various shows. Some were Props, Some were background for Set Dec.


Mr. Friendly’s Frosteeez

For Mr Mercedes we had to design a creepy ice cream truck for one of our characters. I got to design a mascot and layout all the different brands and types of ice cream, many of which were real, some were original.

The Mysterious Island Map

Here was a piece I was particularly proud of. A map design that I pitched for “The Mysterious Island” wherein three different maps were combined to make one single map. It was my idea to have all three maps use the compass rose as the fulcrum and then the strokes and letters would align to form one single map. It ended up being featured heavily, and even made the trailer and credits!

Book of Enoch Pages

The mystical sword that can defeat Moloch is described in the book of Enoch, depicted with flames emerging.

Photo Compositing – Misc

Here’s an assortment of photo composites that I’ve made for various shows. Some for Set Dec and some for inserts. They reflect a range of techniques and processes. There’s multiple old photos we had to match to different backgrounds, new photography to blend into old photos, and taking original photos and manipulating them in various ways to achieve story points.

There’s finesse, artistic knowledge and creativity in putting these together. They definitely need planning to make work right, but can be done successfully.

Food and Product Labels

I’ve done loads of food and product labels throughout my work. Here’s a random assortment to show the variety and uniqueness. Some we’ve made complete boxes for, some were just printed and stuck on existing product.

Ad-Hoc Computer Rendering

Here’s a painted Rendering of an ad-hoc computer that the character Aaron assembles from spare parts. The prop master wanted something that looked realistic, yet visually interesting so we wanted to pre-visualize it before starting to put it together.

Speedboat Product Packaging

Here’s a fun RC speedboat toy package I did for episode 509 of Army Wives.

I made stickers for the boat.  Placed the stickers and took photos of it, composited the photos into a water scene, made a logo for the toy company, then I put it all together and printed it and adhered it to cardboard.

The water field was an inserted backdrop that I stuck to the inside of the box itself. I cut out and inserted plastic windows and made 3 complete copies in case one got damaged! And it yielded this fun result!