Hellfire Club Playback Screens and Logo

In Sleepy Hollow Season 2 we had a fictional demonic medical cult that was developing ways to birth Moloch into the human realm via a supernatural pregnancy. We had some logos interesting fictional computer screens to make it look like some evil stuff was going on.

Sleepy Security Camera Footage

In Sleepy Hollow Season 2, the Script called for fictional FBI security software that would analyze a piece of security and reconstruct their face. I put this together in after effects, and it was featured pretty heavily .

Tower Hand Scanner

To get into the Tower in revolution the characters had to scan their hand into some bio-metric security device. I made the screens to specifications and had them playback live on two iPads which were fit into a special effects device.  Both screens had to trigger when the actor laid his/her hands on the device so it was controlled from off-screen via a wireless keyboard in Bluetooth mode.  When the actor touched the right screen the animation played automatically and the left screen was triggered manually to match the action on the right.

Here’s a video of what the animation looked like in real time:

Fictional Lab Computers

Here’s a series of animated¬† computer screens I did for Revolution. most were created in flash, the rest in After Effects. and were designed to animate along with the actor based on their keyboard input. Some were interactive and others were just animations and videos. One of these had a fun “glitch” effects that I got to design. Turned out very cool.