Supreme Electronix – Mr Mercedes

For Mr. Mercedes we had to create and dress an entire electronics store, complete with branding, signage, a Geek Squad-esque brand of IT people. Etc…



A fictional fast-food restaurant I did for Melisa McCarthy’s “Tammy.” Heavily featured in the film throughout and used in promotional materials.

Revolution Aged Signs

On Revolution, I got to experiment with all sorts of aging techniques, styles and textures to make signs look like they had been weathered in the world. Here are a smattering of these signs that show how much visual interest the aging adds.

Amusement Park Ride Signage

Here’s an assortment of banners and fictional ride artwork for an amusement park set that was shot as an actual abandoned amusement park in myrtle beach.   Very tight time constraints on these ones.

Hannigan’s Theming

A bunch of graphics I did for Hannagan’s, a fictional Americana Memorabilia-decorated restaurant, E.G. TGI Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays circa 1990. There’s fictional stained glass printed on plexi, menus, table tents, door etch-mark and booth separators.