Narubu – Fictional Country

Project Description

For Army Wives season 6 we went to Africa to do peacekeeping. Due to the sensitive nature of the story, the writers opted to make a fictional country instead of a real one, thus was born “Narubu.” This included the creation of maps, TV news, web pages and more to make the place seem real. I’ve included an assortment of the items we’ve created to help flesh out this non-existant place. I hand-drew every road, river and railway in the country. I used a mix of topography from various African countries to develop the idea that the country was split with a mountain range, divided into east and west segments. All of the city, river and lake names imply a historical french colonization as well as a resurgent indigenous culture.


Here’s some computers screens we did for the Narubu briefing room. Many were animated. Some were static.